What I’m Learning in 2023

Martin Mička
3 min readFeb 6, 2023
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2022 was a good year for me. I met a lot of motivated and passionate people who gave me inspiration and support. I spent a lot of time migrating our solution from a dedicated server to the cloud, working with virtualization and container orchestration. I also began focusing on building sustainable software, and delved deeper into the topic of Software Architecture. I learned about trade-offs, patterns, and features of distributed systems, which is particularly relevant in a cloud environment as it helps developers better scale both work and systems themselves.

As we enter 2023, I want to share my thoughts on what I plan to learn next. Rather than predicting and jumping on trends, I want to share my personal roadmap and a little reasoning behind it.

Software Architecture Is a Thing

I am continuing on the path I started last year and want to improve my knowledge of Software Architecture in general. This includes applying software patterns, thinking about trade-offs, and working with architecture frameworks. I’ve learned a lot about designing distributed systems from scratch, but I also want to learn about splitting monolithic applications into microservices.

Software architecture is becoming very relevant to me, as I’m building more analytical thinking. Analyzing different trade-offs and making educated decisions on what technologies and patterns should be used and how they should cooperate is something I’m doing more and more often.

Servers, Cloud and Everything Between

My next area of interest is DevOps. This relates to both Software Architecture and Development and is an important bridge between the two. I want to learn more about cloud services under AWS and explore orchestration and cluster management in Kubernetes (or other tools and their trade-offs). I already have a basic understanding of Docker and container management, and now I want to improve on that knowledge.

AI and ML

AI and Machine Learning have made significant progress in recent months, particularly with the release of ChatGPT. I’ve been interested in this field for a while, but I felt that it wasn’t the right time to dive in until now. As these subjects become increasingly relevant, I believe this is the right time to start learning more. Last year, I became interested in data-driven systems, data processing, and related algorithms. This will be the next step on my learning path in that regard. Data Science, AI, and ML are fascinating, and with the new tools available, it will be even more interesting to explore these fields.

And that’s it! There are more things catching my interest, but I don’t want to include them in this personal update. The pace I’m growing is faster each year, and 2023 has some ambitious goals. I have many thoughts and plans I want to continually share, so stay tuned! I want to share my joy of learning, and my passion I have for tech-related stuff. Being there with me means a lot.



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